Technology offered ViSens

On the technology side, the Virtual Sensorization research group (VISENS) combines the knowledge from manufacturing processes, robotics, control, health-care applications, automated vehicles and embedded systems with artificial intelligence for developing Virtual Sensors, which provide relevant information to improve the diagnostic and evaluation procedures of each specific problem.

In addition, VISENS has collaborated with companies such as Ona Electroerión, Gamesa, Negarra, Grupo Campus, Ortoka, … ; with research centers and cooperatives such us Tecnalia, Ikerlan, Tekniker, Ideko, Lortek, … ; with associations such as ADEMBI, ADACEN, FEKOOR, …; offering collaborations and different technological services.

VISENS also offers academic support to develop industrial theses within the research group, formed by PhDs from different areas of knowledge, which provides an excellent framework for collaboration.

If you can identify a research area that is of interest to you, then please do not hesitate to ask the person in charge of that area for further information, either by e-mail or telephone.