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Itziar Cabanes Axpe

Full Professor

Faculty of Engineering, Bilbao (UPV-EHU)
Tel: 946013951

Research Areas

  • Intelligent manufacturing and industry
  • Collaborative and intelligent Robotics
  • Applications in bioengineering

Publications & Projects


Itziar Cabanes is Full Professor in the department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the Higher Technical Engineering School (ETSI) in Bilbao. She obtained her PhD in Manufacturing, in the Mechanical Engineeering Department from the ETSI in 2001, with Extraordinary Doctorate Award. She leads the Virtual Sensorization research group (ViSens). Her research lines focuses on the field of virtual sensors and artificial intelligence to improve manufacturing processes and healthcare applications (rehabilitation robots, smart devices for monitoring gait, etc.). She is the author of 43 articles in indexed scientific journals and 30 contributions as chapter of books and proceedings of ISI Web of Knowledge. Additionally, she is the co-author and speaker of more than 70 communications in national and international conferences in the field of robotics and manufacturing processes, where she has been awarded with 8 prizes for the best scientific contribution. She is a membership of different scientific committees, director of the Master "Control Engineering, Automation and Robotics" and the representative of Engineering and Architecture area in the UPV/EHU Postgraduate Commission, among other management positions.


  • Automation and industrial robotics
  • Artificial intelligent Applications in Healthcare and Manufacturing Processes
  • Virtual Sensorization
  • Control and Automation
  • Advanced Control in Robotics