Itziar Cabanes Axpe :: Publications

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Bilbao, D., Ferrer, U., Viñals, J., Guerra, G., Irigoyen, E., Cabanes, I. Self-coupling robotic system for the SIROM multifunctional interface (Sistema robótico de auto-acoplamiento para la interfaz multifuncional SIROM)., Revista Iberoamericana de Automática e Informática Industrial (RIAI), vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 269-280, 2023. JCR Impact Factor: 0.471 (2022). Quartile: Q4.
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Rogriguez, D., Mosca, A., Valente, A., Cabanes, I., Carpanzano, E. An advanced dual APF-Based controller for efficient simultaneous collision and singularity avoidance for human-robot collaborative assembly processes, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, vol. 72, No. 1, pp. 5-8, 2023. JCR Impact Factor: 4.482 (2022). Quartile: Q2.
Lucas, S., Portillo, E., Guerin, L., Cabanes, I. Extensión del algoritmo de codificación-decodificación basado en PWM para Redes Neuronales de Impulsos, XLIV Jornadas de Automática, Zaragoza, 2023. Premio al mejor artículo presentado en el grupo temático de Control Inteligente.
Rasines, I., J, A., Cabanes, I. Minimum Cost Averaging for Multivariate Time Series Using Constrained Dynamic Time Warping: A Case Study in Robotics., IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 80600-80612, 2023. JCR Impact Factor: 3.9 (2022). Quartile: Q2. 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3300720
Vermander, P., Mancisidor, A., Fortino, G., Cabanes, I., Gravina, R. Unsupervised learning-based for detection of postural anomalies in wheelchair users, 2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), Honolulu, Oahu HI, USA, 2023. 10.1109/SMC53992.2023.10394563
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