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Lorenzo, I., Brull, A., Cabanes, I., Mancisidor, A., Zubizarreta, A., Portillo, E. Dispositivo Para Dispensado de Desifectante, Application number: ES 1 256 494U 19/11/2020. publica- tion/ ES1256494U?q=pn %3DES1256494U
Cabanes, I., Mancisidor, A., Vermander, P., Perez, N., Brull, A., Portillo, E., Zubizarreta, A., Pérez, C. Dispositivo sensor para monitorización postural de sedestación de un usuario, Application number: P202130502 (patent pending) 02/06/2021.
Rodriguez, A., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Brull, A., Sesar, I., Torres, J., Portillo, E., Espin, A., Santisteban, L. Dispositivo Sensor para monitorizar la marcha, Application number: P202130682 (patent pending) 16/07/2021.
Vermander, P., Perez, N., Otamendi, J., Brull, A., Mancisidor, A., Cabanes, I. Análisis del número de sensores para la clasificación postural en sedestación, XLIII Jornadas de Automática, Logroño, 2022. ISBN: 978-84-9749-841-8.
Brull, A., D’ascanio, I., Zubizarreta, A., Palmerini, L., Chiari, L., Cabanes, I. Machine Learning based Fall Detector with a Sensorized Tip, IEEE Access, pp. 164106 - 164117, 2021.
Sesar, I., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Brull, A., Torres, J., Rodriguez, A. A Smart Crutch Tip for Monitoring the Activities of Daily Living Based on a Novel Neural-Network Intelligent Classifier, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 113-122, Springer, 2021.
Brull, A., Lucas, S., Zubizarreta, A., Portillo, E., Cabanes, I. A random forest based methodology for the development of an intelligent classifier of physical activities, Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neurorehabilitation IV. Springer Book: Biosystems & Biorobotics, Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 28, pp. 85-89, Springer, 2021.
Brull, A., Lucas, S., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Portillo, E., Rodriguez, A. A Machine Learning Approach to Perform Physical Activity Classification Using a Sensorized Crutch Tip, IEEE Access , vol. 8, pp. 210023 - 210034, 2020.
Brull, A., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Rodriguez, A. Sensorized Tip for Monitoring People with Multiple Sclerosis that Require Assistive Devices for Walking, Sensors, vol. 20, No. 15, pp. 4329, 2020.
Sesar, I., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Brull, A., Torres, J., Rodriguez, A. A preliminary analysis of gait performance of patients with multiple sclerosis using a sensorized crutch tip, 21st International Federation of Automatic Control World Congress (IFAC 2020), Berlín, Alemania, 2020. ISBN: 2405-8963.
Mancisidor, A., Zubizarreta, A., Cabanes, I., Bengoa, P., Brull, A., Hyung, J. Inclusive and seamless control framework for safe robot-mediated therapy for upper limbs rehabilitation, Mechatronics, vol. 58, pp. 70-79, 2019.
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