Research Areas

Automated Driving

About the research area

Automated Driving comprises all technologies related to the application of automation and control systems to vehicles in order to assist the driver while driving. Among others, the field includes the development of Assistive Driver-Assistance Systems,  Object and events detection, trajectory planning, longitudinal and lateral control approaches, behavioural planning or global/local localization approaches.

The background in modelling and control, and in particular the know-how on Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) of VISENS group have been the core of this research line from 2012. The group has specialized  in the application of custom MPC formulatons (linear and nonlinear) to solve the challenges of different subsystems of automated vehicles: trajectory control, planning, ADAS, shared control.

From 2017, this research line is carried out in active collaboration with Tecnalia R&I Research Center. In addition, VISENS collaborates with the Formula Student Bizkaia ( project at the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, which develops in a year basis an electric single seater to compete in Formula Student competitions across Europe, and provides a prototype for testing the developed solutions.